The 10 Best Dog Movies in Honor of National Dog Day


Happy National Dog Day! Are you celebrating with your dog?

In honor of the occasion — and in honor of my own dog, Rey (pictured above — and yes, as in Rey like in Star Wars),  I joined FandangoNOW in curating a list of my favorite dog movies for anyone who’s lounging at home with their own best friend and wants to celebrate by watching some great canine-driven movies.  

All of these films — and the much larger definitive list — are available to check out right now on FandangoNOW. 

1.       Lady and the Tramp

2.       The Peanuts Movie

3.       Turner & Hooch

4.       The Secret Life of Pets

5.       Marley & Me

6.       101 Dalmatians

7.       Homeward Bound

8.       Cujo

9.       Old Yeller

10.     Frankenweenie

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