Interview: Michael Bay on "Bayhem," an R-rated 'Transformers' Movie and Time-Traveling in 'The Last Knight'


Note: This is the second part in a three-part interview series with Michael Bay. Check out the first part below:

Part One: The Future

Michael Bay on ‘Bad Boys 3’ and what comes after Transformers: The Last Knight

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Michael Bay had just finished 36 hours of straight mixing on Transformers: The Last Knight, having completed the film only two days prior to speaking exclusively to Fandango. You wouldn’t even know it, either. He was awake, present, thoughtful and reflective, except when we asked what he’d be taking away from his 10 years working on five different Transformers movies.

“I’m not in the reflecting stage yet because I’m still recovering from sleep after staying up for 36 hours trying to final the mix,” he said. “Do you know how hard that is? To mix for 36 straight hours?”

Bay went on to explain how there are so many different versions of Transformers: The Last Knight set to debut around the world, and so the final mix is a lengthy one. “Oh my God,” Bay exclaimed while describing the process. “And what they do … In a mix, they play it full blast. You have to play it at full level and it’s just … boy, it is hard on your ears.”

As Michael Bay gets set to unleash his final Transformers movie as a director on June 21, we spoke to him about what separated this one from the others, and what it is about this series that keeps him coming back for more. We also asked Bay to reflect on the slang term “Bayhem,” and we learned why one action sequence in The Last Knight was one of the most challenging of his entire career.

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